Çevik Yönetim

Agile Management

One of the mobility skills of companies that are forced to change by their environmental dynamics is explained by "agility, being agile". It is seen that the approach, which focuses only on manufacturing, over time starts to focus on all kinds of production (product, service). In this context, it is understood that the scope of agile production expands as "agile management". 

It is believed that agility, which is one of the definitions of business identity, will emerge with the evaluation to be made within the company by considering the components and thus, awareness will be created for companies. It is advocated that it is possible for companies to gain the habit of acting agile using this awareness. The approach refers to a solution that applies to any company that manufavtures products and services. It is considered that agility in management, which is the proposed solution, will serve to guide companies in order to fulfill the innovation requirement of globalism and to maintain competitive advantage.