What Is Agile-meter?

Agile-meter is a specific measurement tool used to reveal your company's problems in certain areas. Agile-meter reveals the blockages that prevent your company from having an agile management and allows management planning to be restructured in line with the needs.

With agile-meter, your company's;

strategic flexibility,
speed and
stakeholder perceptions

will be measured.

Agile-meter Orientations

Proactiveness Orientation
- What is proactivity?
- What does proactiveness mean?
- How to become a proactive company?

Proactivity refers to being a pioneer in the process of uncovering, executing and finalizing a new formation for the purposes. Proactiveness is important for the improvement of company performance. The company proactively shapes its nature and direction of competition to its advantage. Proactive companies are those who take advantage of opportunities, concentrate on future needs and use them in favor of change. It is stated that the proactive company is a leader, not a follower, due to its desire and foresight to have new opportunities.
Responsiveness Orientation
- What is responsiveness?
- What are the effects of responsiveness for the company?
- What does it mean for the company to be responsive?

Companies can respond to environmental changes in the face of increasing competition and ever-changing customer needs. Being responsive affects the company's survival. Responsiveness is described as predicting the rapidly changing expectations of customers and acting with market knowledge. The company's responsiveness enables them to quickly perceive market changes, reorganize processes for new market requirements, share information across its borders, gain maximum advantage in information processing systems and adapt to new products and technological processes before competitors.
Competency Orientation
- What is competency?
- What does competency give to companies?

Competency is the ability of the company to achieve its goals, ensure productivity, efficiency and effectiveness in its activities. Competency is counted among organizational agility capabilities. Competency enables companies to increase their performance by providing high value to companies and creating competitive advantage for companies. Companies have proficiency in market knowledge, which is used to design, manufacture, distribute and promote products and services to meet their current and future needs.
Strategic Flexibility Orientation
- What is flexibility?
- What does strategic flexibility mean?

Flexibility enables companies to cope with increasing uncertainty by responding quickly. Strategic flexibility; is the response to various demands from dynamic competitive environments using the capabilities of the company. With its strategic flexibility capability, it is possible to respond quickly to economic and political risks, market threats and opportunities. Strategic flexibility contributes to the company's competitive advantage.
Speed Orientation
- What does time to market mean?

Complexity and speed contribute greatly to the uncertainty of the future and the difficulty of unpredictability. Speed comes from the rate of change. Realizing the future is the same as catching up with the pace of change. With its speed, it is offered to the market in a short time and has a higher market share by realizing product innovation in a speedy manner.
Stakeholder Orientation
- Who is the stakeholder?
- What is a partnership?

Stakeholder is any group or individual that has an impact on and influenced by the company's goals. Stakeholders play critical roles in company-oriented activities. Stakeholders are shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers and in some cases business environment. Stakeholder is considered as the partner of the company. Partnership is the inter-company relationship established for the participants to realize their common goals.