A general report (summary) is prepared using the organizational agility analysis findings of your company. With the perception of organizational agility within your company, your company's existing agility perception becomes concrete.

By the repeated measurements, changes in organizational agility orientations (proactiveness, responsiveness, competency, strategic flexibility, speed and stakeholder perception) over time and their effects on performance criteria (financial, cost, operational, brand, strategic innovation etc.) of your company are determined.

As a result of the repeated measurements, a new report (optional) is developed for your company is prepared to reveal how much the organizational agility mentality is embedded in your company.


Agile-meter Guide

By comparing organizational agility trends with your company's performance relationship, developments in performance criteria are determined. It is recommended to consider the general report (summary) including agile-meter and agility strategy plan for increased company performance.

Agile-meter, which is an organizational agility level determination tool whose reliability and validity has been determined by scientific methods, is designed for the access of authorized users over the internet.

The new report (optional) is created as a result of evaluating the findings obtained through the detailed analysis made in the process following the completion of the survey.

Agile-meter Survey