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The primary purpose of the agile-meter application, which will contribute to the realization of your company's high performance targets is to determine the organizational agility levels of your employees.

Following the application, it is aimed to determine the improvements in your employees' organizational agility by means of measurements that will be made in certain periods.

By participating in the agile-meter survey, which will take only 5 to 10 minutes, the process of determining the organizational agility orientations of your company (proactiveness, responsiveness, competency, strategic flexibility, speed and stakeholder) will begin.

In the process following the completion of the agility-meter survey, your final report (Report A- Report B) along with your request will be delivered to you within the specified time.

We kindly request you to specify the details (page number, content information, printable report details, training and/or presentation needs, etc.) you want to obtain regarding your final report and/or the post-project period in your message.

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