Fütüristik Lider ve Kurumsal Çeviklik İlişkisi

Futuristic Leader and Organizational Agility Relationship

Firms that steer the future are defined by their agility in managing change and perceiving uncertainty. It is seen that the concept of agility, which is defined as the resistance to uncertainty, is perceived as the strength to withstand the current environment for the company, which is under the influence of environmental dynamism. It is stated that organizational agility, which enables us to be the winner of turbulent environments, in other words, positively affects the performance of the company, is among the determinants of the new dimensions of competition.

It is seen that the leaders are perceived as transformation strategists with the altruistic approach adopted in terms of companies in embracing uncertainty for a management approach beyond time. The future of the companies is possible by leaders preparing the companies' future manifestos. Leaders' contribution to the destruction of the firm culture that has become rigid can be reconciled with their sensitive and caring attitudes towards the future. The understanding of leadership that fundamentally changes the firm culture map that looks massive and shallow can only be futuristic.

It is stated that companies that take action with organizational agility are proactiveness, responsiveness, competency, strategic flexibility, speed and stakeholder focus. It is understood that all stakeholders belonging to the company (internal and external stakeholders/customers and partners) carry the competitive advantage to a sustainable dimension for the companies with the effective cooperation they have. It is possible to make future-oriented solutions produced within the company dynamics with alternative scenarios to be produced by futuristic leaders. The questioning of new problems encountered in the search for solutions and concepts that have not yet been discovered and the discussion of future investments from today are provided by the scenarios of futuristic leaders. Designing new problems, processes, solutions, evaluations and outcome possibilities instead of searching for solutions based on general acceptances contributes to the creation of the future.

The solution-oriented futuristic leaders bring along fluidity. It is believed that this ability will turn into competence over time with the habits experienced at the cultural level in the company. It is stated that futuristic leaders work towards the anticipated performance of the company with a deep perspective perception. It is understood that companies with futuristic leaders and the ability to change and transform are walking into the future with their organizational agility.