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Organizational Agility as a New World Concept

It is accepted that organizational agility, which is stated as a change of mindset at the management level, includes the process of restructuring in accordance with the change and contributes to the development of organizational adaptability. It is stated that the timely and continuous perception of environmental changes by the organization is realized with organizational agility. It is seen that agility, which is considered as one of the dynamic capabilities of the organization, is associated with the quality of the organization.

Agility is expressed as a management strategy, which is among the important decisions taken on the way to being competitive. While learning with the agility mentality, improving oneself and displaying a positive attitude towards change is expressed, it is also explained with organizational agility to continuously develop experience by learning in parallel with this definition. The improved company and its culture enables agility company processes to be improved. Employees who make autonomous decisions, changing workflow and self-organizing teams create an agile organization. It is seen that companies that give job flexibility to their employees with innovative human resources management, emphasize service to the collective purpose and are accountable in every aspect, increase their organizational agility.