Organizational Agility Manifesto

The uncertainty, which brings unlimited opportunities, shows companies what is needed. The uncertainty, which enables the search for growth opportunities in places that have never been possible before, reminds companies of the need to accelerate their management rhythms to move forward. The organizational agility manifesto offers companies the way to transform the pressure of change and transformation created by the uncertainty environment into energy. Organizational agility heralds the progress of companies in an environment of uncertainty.

Foresee with your insight!
Respond appropriately and on time to unforeseen changes by measuring your organizational agility. With agility, it is now possible to take advantage of the opportunities created by change. 

Be the first to reach the customer!
Change is met "sooner", "early". The ability to act proactively rather than reactively is demonstrated in attacking market threats and opportunities. Questions and problems are sought together for sustainable agility. With the pressure of change, companies are tested in terms of intention, capability and resistance. Agility, which is the capability of the firm responding to change, is a strategy implemented by the firm. Firms' detection of change and their rapid response to change results in gaining an advantage over changes.

Improve your internal competencies! 
Productivity, efficiency and effectiveness capabilities provided in activities create competence in achieving corporate goals. In-house remedial and distinctive actions are taken. With the developments in global strategies, corporate production, quality, speed, workforce, management, etc. improvements in issues are achieved through change.

Let flexibility be your strategy!
Achieving different goals by carrying out different tasks with available resources is possible with flexibility. Being fast is considered one of the most distinguishing features. It means that companies carry out their activities as soon as possible. The leverage effect of speed on organizational agility is utilized.

Partner with your stakeholders!
Thanks to the strategic relationships that companies establish with their customers and the close communication they provide with their suppliers, they become a solution partner in the face of problems.

Be agile for sustainable competition!
As the name of the new solution that emerges in order to manage the dynamic and changing environment that is desired to be underlined with agility, it is perceived as one of the conditions of competing in every aspect within the framework of the globalizing individual, idea and product.