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The Link Between Agility As An Organizational Design and Organization's Employee

Agility strategy, which enables organizations to respond quickly to unpredictable change, requires quick intuition. The ability to adapt to the situations that come with the change gained with agility depends on the development of the organization's change perception reflex. Agility, which enables organizations to exist in an environment of environmental dynamism, creates a growth opportunity for organizations with the insight developed for change. The aforementioned organizational insight creates a leverage effect for sustainable competition by closely monitoring the organizational environment, contributing to the rapid response with the correct interpretation of environmental changes. Agility, which reveals the strategic flexibility of the organizations, also contributes positively to the increase of the innovative capacity of the organizations in the fight against change.

Agile organizations carry out the actions of sensing, perceiving and interpreting change as a requirement of horizontal organization, taking into account the organizational learning culture that spreads to the base, with the understanding that the employees are in the center. The close relationship of the employees of the organization with the agile approach comes to the fore in proactively acting in accordance with the agility strategy by reading the change signals correctly. It is understood that it is possible for the change to become meaningful for the organization by acting together with the change, and that it is possible to adopt it as an organizational design, again with the employees of the organization.